about us

There are many languages spoken throughout the ABC islands of the Caribbean. The most widely spoken language is Papiamentu. We named the restaurant “Kome” the Papiamentu word for “Eat” as it simply describes what we’re all about, which is eating of course!

Located in the historical district of Petermaai, Kome features a chef driven menu where worldly cooking techniques lay the foundation for the creative freedom Chef David and Pastry Chef Susan live for in the kitchen. The chefs cook things that make them  happy,  like homemade sausage, tasty sandwhiches, curry’s or stews; fried chicken, fresh bread, pie or something altogether surprising and new. Feel free to check out our menus.

We invite you to join us for lunch, dinner, or a snack in the afternoon. Eat, relax and enjoy, you’re in good hands.