Our Family Meal comfortably feeds 3-4 adults. Please fill out the form below to reserve the meal of your choice. We appreciate your continued support.

Thursday Dec 3rd Family Meal ToGo

Turkey & Broccoli Pot Pie
flaky pie crust, herbs, vegetables

Green Beans & Country Ham

Mixed green salad with Kome dressing

Cranberry Crumble Cake
with lemon glaze

price: fls. 125

Friday Dec 4th Family Meal ToGo

Wood Fired BBQ Meats
chicken, brisket, baby back ribs

Potato Salad & Cole Slaw

BBQ sauces & Fresh Bread

Brownie Bars & Cashew Blondies

price: fls. 125

Saturday Dec 5th Family Meal ToGo

Baked Sausage & Ziti Pasta
fennel, tomato gravy, cheese

Caesar Salad with funchi croutons, tomato

Bakeshop Focaccia with garlic and herbs

Italian Cream Cake
with cream cheese frosting

price: fls. 125

Hello Kome Friends,
While you sit in your home to avoid catching the cooties, here are this week’s Family Meal ToGo offerings. Choose one or choose them all, either way we will do the rest.

Kome’s Family Meal ToGo will be available every week Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The meal will be available for pick up from 4 pm to 7pm on the day of your menu of choice. Delivery is available as well, fee applies.

Please fill out our form to reserve your order. If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact us
via email  info@komecuracao.com or phone +599 9 679 8083

*gift certificates may not be redeemed for our Family Meals ToGo